12 Reasons to Choose Us as your Guides


1-  Personalized Attention

Thanks to our experience, we are sure that we can offer you one of the most personalized itineraries on our tours, trips, and activities all over the country. On our trips, you will not encounter any unwanted surprises, since you yourself help us to personalize your experience.


2- Best Prices on the Market

Nowadays, we are one of the few Panamanian companies that do tours and trips all over Panama at prices this economically feasible for your budget. We can bet that with our variety of options for tours or trips, you will find at least one suited to your style and personal budget.


3- Lodgings options to fit your Style

We always offer a variety of lodgings options that are fit to your style. From the best hostels, beach and mountain cabins, to exclusive hotels, your accommodations will be adjusted to your preference, needs, and budget. We can also assure you that our options come 100% recommended by us.


4- Comfort and Quality Guaranteed

When you travel with Panama Road Trip Adventures, you can note that our staff and team are prepared to give quality attention to all our clients.


5- Small Groups

Can you imagine trying to walk and enjoy a day in Casco Viejo or visiting another one of Panama’s attractions lost in a group of 10, 15, or 20 people without getting the adequate time or service that you would like? Or imagine missing some of the spots on your list because your travel guide was in a hurry, or reduced times in order to accommodate a larger group.

It’s because of this that we do tours with an average of 6 to 8 travelers at most. This is not only to guarantee better service, quality and comfort, but also to give you more freedom and time to do what interests you most on our excursions.


6-Vacations to Suit your Style

Whatever the purpose of your trip may be, be it total relaxation, a trip with friends, a family getaway, a couple’s trip, adventure seeking, cultural tourism, rural tourism, or others, we take pride in adjusting our service to fit your style and main interests, so that you can have your tour or trip to your liking.


7- A Unique Cultural Experience

During your stay in Panama, you will be greeted by community leaders, farmers, tour operators, and guides 100% Panamanian with knowledge of each region of the country, so that you can have the satisfaction of learning and seeing the real customs, culture, and diversity of our different ethnic groups and folklore that exist in this tiny nation. Our goal, is that you return home with a real Panamanian experience!


8- Visit the spots that others miss

With us you will always have the opportunity to discover new and beautiful places not known by many.

We are one of the few companies that organize trips, taking into account the rural communities with tourism potential. We don’t just promote tours and trips that are the most popular and well known in Panama. Instead, we focus on developing the areas with burgeoning tourism potential.

Throughout our years of experience, we have explored and discovered many beaches, islands, waterfalls, and pristine villages that travelers miss due to the fact that they’re not mentioned in magazines, guides, or due to their difficult access.


9- Support Community Tourism

By traveling with us and choosing a tour that involves communities, families, and farmers that also have the desire to share their culture traditions and lifestyle, you will be contributing to the development of those people that have opened their doors to you, so that you can experience something unique. At the same time you will help to conserve our cultural heritage and our natural resources.


10- Excellent Communication with our Company

In order to maintain communication with your guide and our company throughout your road trip you will have access to a Panamanian cell phone (or SIM card if you have an unblocked phone that you prefer to use during your travels) in order to be able to quickly and easily coordinate with your group throughout your trip.


11- The Best Offers & Discounts

We can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised by our periodic offers and discounts, from 15% up to 50% off on our tours and trips. We are confident that you will not find deals this economic year round with other companies.


12- Make the most of Your Time

The average traveler loses a great deal of time just getting from place to place, especially when trying to access the more hard to reach communities, or traveling long distances. Buses can be infrequent or uncomfortable, and really take away from one’s enjoyment of Panama if their time is limited. With us, you can cover more distance in less time, comfortably, and without the hassle.