We invite you to discover the real Panama with us!

Panama road trips

Panama Road Trip Adventures is based on bringing you unique eco-adventure trips, activities, and cultural experiences in Panama, in which we directly involve families, communities, and villages to contribute to the social and economic development of this beautiful country we call home.

We are one of the few companies that offer tours and trips totally adjusted to your budget, and without sacrificing the high quality of our services. We mostly handle small groups, which allows us to create completely customized tours and trips, designed to fit your style and taste, so that you can enjoy some of Panama’s many attractions safely and comfortably. We provide you with the perfect balance of fun, relaxation, adventure, and discovery.

There is nothing like safely exploring the attractions of Panama during your fun-filled vacation. On our tours and trips, you will have the ability to travel between some of the country’s most popular destinations without missing any of the local spots of interest not mentioned in guidebooks along the way. From relaxing on one of our beautiful white sand beaches, to witnessing the beauty of our waterfalls and different tropical forest systems, to tasting organic chocolate on an indigenous farm, or enjoying a plate of delicious homemade Afro-Antillian  cuisine, our company seeks out the most unique and memorable experiences to make your trip one of a kind!